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Is your answer YES to any of these questions?

Does your little one need you to assist them to sleep by rocking, cuddling or feeding them?


Are you woken frequently in the night because your little one can’t settle without you being there?


Is your baby or child awake for long periods in the night?


Are naps non-existent, infrequent or really short?


Does your child take ages to fall asleep at bedtime?


Are you woken in the night by a toddler or child trying to get into your bed?


Does a full night’s sleep seem like a distant dream?

I can help!
Read on to find out how...


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Step One

We have an informal free no-obligation consultation over the phone to go through the sleep issues you are facing.

Step Two

You decide you really do want a sleeping child, and we initiate the sleep training process. You complete a sleep assessment profile which I then use to write a bespoke and personally tailored sleep plan for you to follow.

Step Three

Once we are both happy with the plan, we start working together to gently guide your little one to be an excellent little sleeper. Significant results are possible in just two weeks.

Don't just take my word for it...

“We thought we had tried everything and we just had a bad sleeper, until we spoke to Rebecca”

Rachel N

“Within a couple of days we were in a much better place”

Phil C

"Rebecca has quite literally changed our lives"

Sarah C

"So much encouraging  support and expert advice"

Ashlea D

"Working with Rebecca has been life changing for our family"

Hannah C

"Literally had my son sleeping through within 3 days"

Stacey W

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